Who We Are

We have been established in the market as an owner managed business for more than 15 years now. For our clients we design bespoke real estate management solutions. We work with a highly qualified core team of 7. We place the greatest emphasis on sustainable and lasting client relationships. We achieve that by focusing our efforts on our clients’ requirements and their interests first.

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What We Do

In the spirit of developing long term client relationships we develop tailor made concepts to solve specific situations, challenges or tasks in the areas of asset management, property management, transactions and leasing.

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Who We Work For

Our clients are purpose driven individuals, families and businesses. Over the years we have developed a deep network of private clients resulting from our work with numerous professional investors and finance houses such as the Blackstone Group, the Royal Bank of Scotland or GE Capital.

We are a match with you if you are seeking a sustainable, reliable and professional cooperation with your professional property service provider.

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