True Wealth Project Podcast
The True Wealth Project Podcast

Welcome to the True Wealth Project Podcast. This is where your host Sascha Janzen explores how to give your wealth a real meaning.

You have a level of financial wealth in your life and are asking yourself “What now?”

Join Sascha in exploring the answers to this and other questions around finding and creating True Wealth. In the True Wealth Project Podcast Sascha interviews guests with particular insights, expertise or success around the 3 core areas of #Wealth  #Impact #Succession.

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“Hi Sascha, I must say I think you are building a very interesting resource of interview and articles around the matter of “True Wealth”.”

“Giving purpose to your wealth. A wonderful topic explored by Sascha Janzen”

Angela Tunner, Eat Love Savor Magazine

“…in our many years of working together, both, our clients & myself have always highly appreciated your work. Keep relevant, Joe”

“Love sharing stuff like this from like-minded colleagues in the world of #FamilyWealth”

Library of Episodes

New Podcast Episode Alert: Creating True Wealth and How Financial Planning Can Help Your Intentional Legacy with Vicki Wusche

The True Wealth Project Podcast – Episode 14 is out

Vicki Wusche, our guest for episode 14, has her own take on what constitutes wealth – Do you, too, want to live the way you want? What would you do if you never had to work another day in your life?
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New Podcast Episode Alert: How to be financially resilient in times of crisis

The True Wealth Project Podcast – Episode 13 is out

Have you got all your eggs in one basket?

Have you charged your money battery?

Are you in financial panic mode or do you look at a 10-years plus horizon?

Find out about Robert Gardner’s Top 10 Tips on how to manage your finances in times of crisis.

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