Property Management

Our Property Management Service warrants the asset operation on a day to day basis. As the client you should not feel much of the daily operational management work that is being performed on your behalf. The aim is to release you from the routine work so you can concentrate on what is important to you. At the same time we want to ensure that you always feel sufficiently informed about all important and relevant aspects of your asset and its performance. In essence you need to know that your asset is in good hands and that is what we aim to provide.

Janzen & Co. – AuM

The  main components of property management are the commercial management and the coordination of the technical management.

An important factor of our property management service is the rigorous quality management that has resulted in the development of a number of standardized processes and documentation so that the management results are not left to chance.

For this purpose we use the industry software DOMUS4000, one of the market leading software packages in the property management sector.

Over and above regular property management instructions we can also perform forced receivership management on behalf of courts, creditors, receivers and administrators.

Please contact us to learn more about this special service branch.

References – Property Management

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