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Top 5 Mistakes Handing Over Real Estate Assets To The Next Generation

In my experience, spanning over 20 years of working in the property investment industry, I have observed recurring problems in the process of handing over real estate assets to the next generation. The list of the top 5 mistakes identified are as follows: Read more

Horse Guard

We Are All Stewards

Continuing on from my last blogpost, I want to expand on the responsibility theme.

As outlined in the previous blogpost, I strongly believe it is crucial to give your wealth a purpose and a meaning, I also touched on the responsibility that comes along with controlling wealth.

This responsibility can best be understood if you look at yourself as a steward who takes care of the wealth on behalf of others, such as future generations. It becomes even more plastic when you look at our responsibility as humankind to take care of the planet we live on. Read more

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What Does It All Mean?

Let us assume you have run a successful business for a number of years or have come into an inheritance and enjoy a significant level of wealth at your disposal. You can afford a good lifestyle and have accumulated all the properties, cars, boats and jets that you can possibly enjoy.

If you do not have direct successors in place to take over or you think they are not worthy of your wealth or you think your wealth will spoil them, you may start asking yourself some serious questions. At some point, you are likely to come up against the question that keeps nagging in the back of your mind: “What does it all mean?”.

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