We Are All Stewards

Continuing on from my last blogpost, I want to expand on the responsibility theme.

As outlined in the previous blogpost, I strongly believe it is crucial to give your wealth a purpose and a meaning, I also touched on the responsibility that comes along with controlling wealth.

This responsibility can best be understood if you look at yourself as a steward who takes care of the wealth on behalf of others, such as future generations. It becomes even more plastic when you look at our responsibility as humankind to take care of the planet we live on.

Horse GuardSome people may say that it does not matter how they personally behave and deal with their environment because they view themselves as negligible in the larger context. Yes, that may be so but change only starts happening with initial steps that, over time, gather momentum. Each one of us is in a position to take an initial step.

For most people it is clear that, in the larger context, we, the human race should not leave the planet to our next generation in a condition worse than when we took it over from the previous generation. That concept can only work if and when every individual behaves accordingly and gives their best effort to make the world we live in a better one.

That concept translates directly into the stewardship for any wealth you may control. Look at yourself as a custodian to take the best possible care of that wealth so that it can do good for future generations, whether that generation is your direct family or the next generation of humankind.

So, please make sure your wealth is properly taken care of and create an impact with it!

by Sascha Janzen