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Ethical Finance Awards 2022

And the Winner is…. When we were invited to participate in the Ethical Finance Awards 2022 by Wealth & Finance International we thought it was meant as a joke but then we considered things more seriously. We asked ourselves if we were really sustainable enough to be award material.  To be honest, we could not […]

The COVID-19 Crisis – What are the Implications for Family Wealth?

Preliminary Observations & Opinions by Sascha Janzen as per 28/04/2020 Like most people, I am closely following the news and debates about the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the respective responses by governments across the world. As a family business responsible for preparing investment advice and decisions, we keep asking ourselves what the ongoing COVID-19 crisis […]

How To: Germany for Property Investors

Federal Structure When talking to international investors of all sorts, one point of misconception has been coming up for decades. Over the years, different waves of international investors have discovered Germany as an attractive property investment location. Although many follow similar strategies, the approaches have varied. However, one common misconception keeps acting to their disadvantage.